Disc Damage

If you have disc damage, and you're looking for chiropractic help in the Salina, KS, area, we at Salina Chiropractic are here to help you get the treatment and pain relief you need. Whether you have bulging discs, herniated discs, or other concerns, the right chiropractic care can give you back more comfort and increase your range of motion. Disc issues can cause significant back pain, but you don't just have to live with that when there are treatment options available from a “chiropractor near me.”


Herniated Discs Can Cause Significant Pain

Herniated discs are uncomfortable, and can be extremely painful in some cases. They protrude from in between the spinal vertebrae far enough to press against the nerves around them. This irritates those nerves and causes them to become inflamed. The goal for treatment is to put the disc back where it belongs so it's not pushing into space that's meant for the nerves and other structures along the spine.

Bulging Discs Make Movement Harder

Along with herniated disc issues, bulging discs also cause discomfort. They aren't as serious as herniation, and they typically don't stick out as far, but they still protrude and can still be uncomfortable. If they're not treated they can also get worse, which means more pain and a reduced range of motion in an effort to avoid that pain. Naturally, you don't want to spend your time trying to avoid movement that may aggravate the condition, which is why treatment can be important..

Spinal Decompression Can Help

For discs that are bulging or herniated, reducing the pain means getting them back into place again. Spinal decompression can be a good way to do that. This involves gently stretching the spine so that there's enough space between vertebrae for the discs to return to their proper location. Not only can this help make movement easier but it can also stop them from pressing on the nerves.

Get Spinal Decompression for Bulging Discs and Herniated Discs

If you're in the Salina, KS, area and looking for a chiropractor for spinal decompression to treat disc damage, get in touch with us at Salina Chiropractic today. We're here to help you get your range of motion back and be able to move without pain. Don't let a disc issue derail your life when there's help and support available from us. Call us at (785) 823-1060 for more information from a “chiropractor near me.”

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